Modcloth: Home Page Redesign

The homepage redesign was a project kicked off to support the need to show users more curated content via the homepage.


Allow users to see the newest products. Help users find content that they care about. Show new customers whether Modcloth is for them.

Business Goals

Help customers discover products: new finds, well-loved favorites, trending recommendations, etc via curated categories, social and editorial content. Present a strong ModCloth brand POV that draws her into our story. Introduce features unique to ModCloth in a way that is actionable and relevant to her shopping experience. Be as relevant as possible via personalization (for the customer) and maintainable (for the business) as possible

Design Goals

Create an elegant homepage that supports more content. Design a layout in which content can be reordered for personalization. Find the right balance between branded storytelling elements (business goals) and shopability (user needs). Entice users to scroll and browse


Homepage participation, new registrations, and revenue per visitor all increased

Initial sketches for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Initial sketches for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Wireframe of content organization

Final visual design

Final visual design